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What is Life Force Energy?
Energy Work is working with Life Force Energy, and it is performed in many different modalities. Reiki is one of those modalities, and the basis of Reiki is the placement of our attention and focus. Energy Work examines and enhances the effects that the focus of our attention has on us.  Energetic effects are all encompnassing, they include thought, emotion and the state of the physical body.  In simple terms, the meaining of Reiki is awerenss and guidance of Life Force Energy. This work teaches how to connect with our Life Force Energy and how to maintain that connection, working through different layers and levels of our consciousness. Ultimately it is a very simple concept. When we consciously focus on our body, bringing our awareness into the body, we connect to the flow of what we call Life Force Energy. 

Life Force Energy is always flowing through the body, it is always flowing - everywhere.  Chinese medicine observes meridian lines that track the flow of this Energy in the body. That observation notes the different directions in which Life Force Energy flows through the body, how it flows through different organs on many different energetic lines. Energy Workers of all modalities have also learned that different emotions and thoughts effect the flow of Life Force Energy in our body, in many differnet ways. Unfortunately, the negative emotons are capabple of cutting off the flow of Life Force Energy to certain organs of the body. For instance, we typically observe anger interfering wtih the human liver, and fear suppressing the kidneys.   

Human bodies become subconsciously trained to react to certain situations and certain people, with consistent behavioral  and emotional responses.  Unfortunately, many of those resposes are not healthy. In order to change that subconscious programming and to clear unhealthy responses, we have to become aware of that particualr energetic flow, and how it works. That is the purpose and premise of Reiki and all  Energy Work.

Subconscious programming severely limits what we are capable of preceiving, so we are rarely in touch with the energy within ourselves, including emotion, that continues to flow well beyond the physical body.  As quantum physics tells  us, everything around us is made up of Life Force Energy, even the air around us. Strangely enough, as we learn to bring our focus within the body, we actually begin to perceive a new level of awareness beyond our body. Our internal focus and attention spreads to the energy around us, and our conscious interaction with that Energy changes the world around us.  It will change our physical body, and it will change the things that we attract and how we attract them. 

We are always interacting with our environment, and doing that consciously brings us new awareness. When we consciously engage in the flow of Life Force Energy, we perceive its universal flow within ourselves, and all around everyone else.  This focused awareness is a form of meditation, seeking to learn how to "be" within the flow. We learn to  observe and allow the flow of Life Force Energy to do what it is supposed to do, without interference from our subconscious programming. When we do that, we automatically start to open up and release negative and harmful emotions and thoughts that we have been hanging on to. Our awareness overrides the misguided perceptions that we need or want that negativity.  To have a healthy body, we need to release the garbage and learn from the experience we gain through the releasing process. 

As we continue to work with and learn about Life Force Energy, we begin to notice that we are able to perceive more and more information that is in the flow. We begin to go beyond our own flow of awareness, and discover that we are connected to all life. We learn that we can interact with the flow on a different level, and recieve new and exciting information from it.  Whereever we direct attention, we will learn something new from the object of that attention, and in the process, we will earn something new about ourselves.   That is the purpose of Energy Work.  


Types of Sessions and Readings

We will see the Energy that is in and around your body.   With your focus and attention, we will discover what that Energy is, and why it is there. Of course, we will strive to release the negative, and from reading the above, you already know how we will work to get transform perspective of negative to part of the peaceful flow of life (leaving both physical and mental/emotional shit that will allow the body to heal if need be).

I offer two types of sessions, in-person or telephonic. Every session is differnt, and it's a good idea to have 2 or 3 questions ready prior to a session. Those questions may include people or situations you are interested in looking at. Sessions are done in 30 minutes or 1 hour.

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